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Chris Bianco created Blue Panther Business Partners to assist business owners who need help realizing their dreams of achieving a successful business. Of course, each person’s definition of “success” differs from the next. Chris partners with business owners to define what “success” means to each individual owner. Together, the business owner and Chris plan a strategy to achieve that owner’s vision, provide hands-on help to implement the strategic plan, and measure their progress.

Chris has over 20 years of business experience in a multitude of businesses, industries, and environments. He imparts his experience to business owners so they can achieve success in their business and their life. For most business owners, their business and life are one and the same. Chris understands this relationship and ensures that business owners are aware of the relationship so that they can clearly define their vision of “success”. Throughout the process, Chris uses educational principles to teach business owners how to succeed.

As it turns out, education is one of Chris’ foundational principles. He is a certified and accredited teacher in both the public and private sector. Chris is also a life long learner. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Music from Northwestern University, a Master of Science from the University of Phoenix, and Chris is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Chris sincerely believes that learning takes place everyday and so he looks at every experience and client relationship as an opportunity for Chris to teach as well as learn.

Recently, Chris received accreditation from the Institute of Independent Business (IIB), an international non-profit training, research, and accreditation organization of senior business executives dedicated to helping business owners by offering advice, guidance, and mentoring. To learn more about the IIB see

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